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Invasion of the Smileys

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

I've taken to making micro to normal size collections for the month for Archetypes Clothing. July is the first full month of summer and feels bold, bright, and happy. I wanted a kooky, kinda UFO vibe. Terry cloth bucket hats, embroidered with a smile and ice dyed in super bright colorways inspired by weed strain names (Martian Candy and Blue Dream). Embroidered smile patches to slap wherever. Unisex tees with giant embroidered smiles. Crop tops with teensy embroidered smileys.

I really enjoy taking photos in nature, and found a great way to take photos of items with the sky as the only backdrop. A cut up paper plate to fit in the roof of the bucket hat and keep its structure in the air. Stabbed it through with a thick embroidery needle (for the large eye) with some thin fishing line. Tied a perfection loop knot to keep the fishing line in place. Threaded the line through the center top of the hat, and looped that around a six foot long dried reed. Basically I rigged up a fishing pole for hats. My mom was generous enough to stand outside and hold the rod in place on the deck while I took photos. We fought some wind and giggles at how absurd it was, but the process went fairly quickly. Some quick cropping, Lightroom edits, and a simple Content Aware Fill, and the photos came out exactly as alien as I had hoped. Check the spinning gif for some grade A silliness.

Here's a photo dump of some highlights of the collection.

✌ jcq

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