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Welcome to 2022

Updated: Feb 2

Woo! We made it, finally. These past few years have been long ones, and we’re not really out of the woods yet. Time for my quarter life crisis, I’ll be turning 25 in April. 2022, for me, is about restructuring and recentering. I have a lot of projects I’m working on this year. Archetypes will return from its hiatus this month, Leshy is in full swing, jcq is off to a running start, and there are more sections of Archetypes opening throughout the year. The Consortium is something I grow more and more proud of every day.

Hand holding a disco ball in front of pink metallic streamers
Welcome to 2022

Archetypes, the main trunk of the Consortium, is returning from its hiatus this month. As the Archetypes shop reopens, the Rainbow Dye-It Experiment begins. The Rainbow Dye-It is an experiment in ice dyeing with every color of the rainbow, in order to create a complete reference guide. The experience and process will be detailed on the jcq blog, under the Rainbow Dye-It category, and under a specific page as a searchable reference guide. My goal is to have a database of swatches of different fiber contents in all available colors of fiber reactive dyes. This guide will be used to reference the colors for Archetypes color ways and DIY events and classes.

Jcq, the freelance design wing of the Consortium, will house the blog portion of the Rainbow Dye-It Experiment. In addition to that, I’ve gotten a lot of really cool projects for clients finished in the past few months and so many more coming throughout 2022. It’s so rewarding to see your designs in the hands of clients and hear back from them that they’ve received so many compliments and comments about them.

Leshy, the fair trade goods wing of the Consortium, has over 300 products available so far. From one-of-a-kind indigenous fair trade art to US made housewares, it’s a one-stop ethical shopping experience. The other segments of the Consortium will further connect Archetypes, jcq, and Leshy, and have a part in the Rainbow Dye-It.

I’m not entirely sure where I’ll be in life at the start of 2023, but I’m in no rush to get there. I have big hopes and dreams for 2022, and I can’t wait to share them with the world.

Welcome to 2022, here’s hoping things start to turn for the better.

✌ jcq

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