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2021.11.22 Five a Day Monday

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Happy Monday! Welcome to your recommended daily intake of infotainment. We are T-Minus 3 days from Thanksgiving!

I'm not sponsored by any of these links and don't make any money off them, I just think they're neat.

One --

My first blog post, about zennials, if you haven't checked it out yet.

Two --

This comic that solves the mess of fallen leaves.

Three --

A reminder that Thanksgiving is this Thursday and to swap the bread in your stuffing for locally-sourced soft pretzels that you let stale for a few days. This is your warning that now is the time to buy said pretzels. I recommend the deliciousness that is Epex Pretzels in York, PA.

Four --

A Mac app recommendation for Pastel, an absolute timesaver. This app not only keeps an eyedropper with easy access to hex codes and RGB values, you can save palettes to use in the future. I love it for saving brand palettes and apparel colorways so I can quickly transfer colors across different applications and for speedier mockups.

Five --

And finally, a croissant-eating bird to carry us into this festive (hopefully) short work week.

✌ jcq

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